Founder of Mosthigh Entertainment here to change the positive vibrations of  the universe through Art and Sound!

 Join us in the challenge of being the change this world needs. 


With a beautiful spirit, born in Seattle, Tia Gunz is defined as a maverick or such.  “Music is not only a gift; it’s a way of life!”  With roots from jazz, soul, hip-hop, rock, reggae, and gospel this woman’s sound is not only deep but real and from the heart.  Each song is written from a place where only the Gunz can go.  Her music is not only to educate but to inspire and make you move!  All she wants to do is spread the joy of love through art.  Being born in a Native American family Tia Gunz was very deeply affected by the Native community and the issues of their daily life.  From the joy to the pain you will feel the soul of her ancestors pumping through each song!  Her goal is to bring a universal truth to the world through her music.  To represent a generation that many feel have been forgotten and to bring pride back to some of the strongest people on the planet!  “Music will change this world for the better.” Is what she believes, and she plans to do her best in making that happen!