With powerful lyrics and a dope underground sound A.King Roe is a musical force!  Out of Pittsburgh-PA not only is he a percussion master he's an Amazing story teller.  

Amazen King Roe

Hip Hop Artist/Producer/Actor 

Something out of an Ancient Egyptian Temple Serenading the spirit with sound and musical vibrations, Queen Tia GunZ will pierce through your heart and soul 

with truth, love, and lyrics.

Tia GunZ

Musical Artist/Writer/Activist

Westside Connected and plugged into the walls of Super-Sonic Hip-Hop history & out of Seattle-WA where musical genius thrives, Mackmosa has a sound of his own! Be on the lookout for more to come. 


Music Producer/Artist/Writer


The year was 1999 and the world was on the brink of total destruction.  .  . Y2K!!!  This was a time of uncertainty, fear, exploration, and self realization.   The Age of Aquarius was now at hand and the universe was transitioning from one form  of existence to another and so were we as Humankind.   Two young girls from Seattle were transitioning into women of extraordinary power of writing, rhythm,  and rhyme along with a God given vision.  This would lead to the formation of DEVAGODSIS,  which broken down translates to:

 Divas of  God, (The Mosthigh Creator), on a mission to bring forth Sisterhood throughout the world.  Not too complicated right? Wrong!  The world would turn upside-down and  back again yet women around the world would experience even more abuse and tribulation.   This horror would not stop the Mission of these Powerful  Goddesses.   They would continue to press forward throughout the times and eventually complete the task given to them by the Creator.  .  .   

Stay Tuned!

~Mosthigh Entertainment